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Lead time for module orders submitted now: 納品期間: 5 weeks (what's this? 何これ?)

 Model 商品名  Price (JPY)  Status
 ER-101  60,000円  In stock.
 ER-102  45,000円  In stock.
 ER-301  90,000円  The remaining 33 units have sold out.  More coming in a few weeks.
 Deep Diver Shirt  5,500円  In stock.

How to order: 注文の方法:
  • Payment via 振込み(FURIKOMI) only.  
  • All prices include shipping and sales tax.  値段は税込と送料込です。
  • Please send your order using this contact form 
  • Please include the desired model(s), panel flavor, and shipping address in your message.  ご希望の商品名とパネル集類と住所をメッセージに書いてください。