Programmer Application for the ER-101
Current version: 1.8.8

With this tool, you can...
  • Upgrade & downgrade the ER-101's firmware.
  • Transfer snapshots between the ER-101 and a computer as hackable XML files. (Please navigate to Manipulating Snapshot Files for more information.)
Available Firmware
Versions of ER-101 firmware included with the tool are:
  • v1.04 (Notice to first batch owners with v1.04 firmware: You won't be able to download snapshots until you have updated your firmware at least once, unfortunately.)
  • v1.05
  • v1.06
  • v1.07
  • v1.08
  • v1.09 (patch 1,2, and 3)
  • v1.10 (patch 4)
  • v1.11
  • v1.12p2
  • v2.00 (adds support for the ER-102)
  • v2.02
  • v2.03
  • v2.04
  • v2.06
(See the Release Notes for details on each version.  Refer to the Book of Work for current outstanding todo items.)

Prerequisites for Installation on Windows
  • A computer with Windows XP or later.
  • .NET 4 Framework (download from here)
  • USB A-male to mini-B cable (like this). These are very common so before buying one I recommend that you make sure you don't already have 3 of them like I do.
  • Follow these instructions to install the Atmel USB driver.
Prerequisites for Installation on OS X
  • A computer with OS X 10.6.8 or later. 
  • The Mono Runtime (a link to the installer is included with the download above). Safari Users: sometimes Safari will download MONO installer as a file called 'Unknown'.  In this case, rename the file to 'Mono.pkg' and then execute it.
  • USB A-male to mini-B cable (like this). These are very common so before buying one I recommend that you make sure you don't already have 3 of them like I do.
  • Please set your security settings to "Allow apps downloaded from anywhere".
Connecting to your ER-101 from the Programmer application
  1. Start with the ER-101 completely unplugged (both the power cable and the USB cable).
  2. Place the +5V source switch to REG.
  3. Plug in the USB cable to your computer (if it isn't already) and then plug into your ER-101.
  4. While holding down the RESET button on the front of your ER-101, switch the +5V source to USB.
  5. No displays or LEDs should be lit on your ER-101.
  6. Now press CONNECT in the Programmer application.

WARNING! Make sure that you do not rest the ER-101 on anything conductive because there are lots of exposed elements on the back that could cause a short.

If you have a problem uploading firmware

The firmware update procedure is quite safe because the bootloader on the ER-101 is write-protected. So I seriously doubt that you can inadvertently make your ER-101 unusable. 
If for whatever reason, after using the programmer, your ER-101 no longer boots up then just:
  • Re-upload the firmware and then
  • Press the Reset Device button in the tool before disconnecting the USB cable.
  • Remember to set the +5V switch back to REG or BUS before putting the ER-101 back into your case.